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Smilelab Dental Centre: Services

We are proud to offer the following services

  • Consultation: Examination with treatment plan formulation covering all aspects of dental health.

  • Tooth extraction: Removal of teeth not viable. This is done under local anaesthetic and can be simple extraction/surgical extraction. Our aim here is to ensure we do it as painlessly and least traumatic as possible

  • Restoration: Placing of "amalgam" (silver) and "composite" (tooth coloured) restorations(fillings) on small cavities.

  • Scale/Polish/Flouride application: Removal of aggregated calculus(deposits) followed by a polishing of the complete dentition ensuring optimal oral hygiene (professional cleaning). We also complete the treatment with flouride application to strengthen teeth.

  • Rehabilitation: We are able to provide acrylic or metal-alloy dentures to replace missing full dentition or partial dentition.


  • Crown/Bridgework: These are permanent replacements for extremely carious teeth/missing teeth.

  • Endodontic treatment: This is the removal of the nerve system from the tooth. This is to ensure the tooth remains pain free and allows a fixed restoration to be placed on the tooth.

  • Orthodontic treatment: Simple cases can be treated by a general dental practitioner. Any complex cases can be referred to an orthodontist for further management.

  • Implant therapy: We are also gearing up to be able to place implants into the oral cavity to ensure missing teeth are replace to last a lifetime.


  • In-office whitening: This is the "bleaching" of discoloured teeth a few shades lighter whilst in the practice. Results are proven to be much more permanent when done in the dentist office.

  • Take-home whitening: We also supply professional take home kits for patients who would like to whiten their teeth in the privacy of their home.

  • Composite/Porcelain veneers: This is done for dark stains (Flourousis) to make the teeth appear naturally white.

  • Tooth Jewellery: Application of Pure Gold/Non-precious metal cosmetic tooth jewellery to enhance your already beautiful smile.


  • We welcome children of all ages, and are commited to providing a minimally traumatic experience to both parents and child.

  • We are able to arrange for the use of a day clinic for children should the parents choose to. Rates are avaiable on request

Some points to remember when visiting our rooms to ensure your visit is as effortless as possible:

  • We reserve the right to confirm benefits before commencing treatment and as such we will reuire the main members ID/Driver licence and medical aid card to enable us to complete this.

  • We will only treat active members of medical aids who memberships are up to date. Patients must also have some form of ID.

  • We do not do cosmetic dentistry (Gold inlays) and bill as other procedures.

  • If a new patient attends outside office hours and we are unable to obtain benefit confirmation, the patient will be requested to pay a fully refundable deposit until benefits confirmed and payment has been recieved. Thereafter we will reimburse the member the paid amount.

  • We are able to arrange for finance through a registered credit provider.

  • If there any other questions you might have, please feel free to email/call us for further clarification.

  • We hope to welcome you to our practice and begin a journey together to optimum oral healthcare.

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